IIT-JEE 2013
IIT-JEE 2012
IIT-JEE 2011
KVPY 2014
Admissions Closed For XENON (11 MOVING STUDENTS).Registrations open for Krypton(12th Pass students )


Admission will be through Entrance Exam. only. If a student fails to qualify / appear in entrance Exam. he will not be given admission.

Admission test For KRYPTON (Dropper) will be held on 21 June 2015.



    24 Students selected in Year 2014
    24 Students selected in Year 2013
    7 Students selected in Year 2012


    73 Students selected in Year 2014
    67 Students selected in Year 2013
    62 Students selected in Year 2012

  • IIT-JEE (mains 2014) RESULT

    98 Students selected in Year 2014

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SHIKHAR CLASSES Blend of Quality coaching, highly disciplined teaching methodology, introduction of modern techniques.A vision and hard work of Mr. Mahesh Kurmi & Mr. Harish Tiwari with a mission to provide an ideal platform for dedicated IIT-JEE aspirants. The vision is to provide facilities to these students in every manner possible, so they can feel the dream approaching every time.

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Salient Features:

  • Spacious Air cooled classrooms with comfortable sitting arrangements.
  • Central Library with best collection of requisite books for IIT-JEE.
  • Regular classes of each subjects physics, chemistry, maths.
  • Teaching methodology focused on clarifying the concepts from basic level to the highest level of competition.
  • Well equipped laboratory for practical demonstrations and easy understanding of fundamentals and real world science.
  • Special classes for academics/school study by experienced and well qualified experts.
  • Comprehensive research based result-oriented study material designed on IIT-JEE Pattern
  • Daily Practice problem(DPP) Sheets for dynamic preparation on daily basis to empower the students and throughly knowledge of every topic in each subject.

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